Yulumen Enterprises has operated its Safe Deposit department dating back to the early 1600s and it is one of the oldest and least-seen parts of the business. With convenient locations all across the globe, Yulumen Safe Deposit Boxes are a secure solution to protect your irreplaceable and priceless heirlooms.


Behind first-class security surveillance equipment, including electric gates, solid steel walls and alarms lies our Safe Deposit Boxes that ensure the utmost confidentiality. You will decide your own personal password, which is known only by Yulumen Safe Deposit personnel, and you will have your own unique key.



Our team stand ready to assist our clients in accessing their Safe Deposit Boxes; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of our locations are by appointment only to ensure utmost privacy for all of our visitors.  To book your visit, please contact our team online who are available at all times. Please note, as per the terms of agreement, no mobile phones or other recording devices are allowed inside any of our establishments.





An application for a Yulumen Safe Deposit Box will take up to ten working days to be approved. Due to the limited and exclusive nature of Yulumen Safe Deposit Boxes, you must have a letter of recommendation from an existing member, provide proof of identity in person by presenting a valid passport, driving license or national identity card, plus an official document confirming your name and current address (a utility bill, bank or credit-card statement, or a landline telephone bill that is less than three months old). Mobile phone bills, store-card statements or final reminder statements will not be accepted.


There is one unique key for each safe; the key will always remain in your possession and must be returned at the end of the agreement. A refundable deposit payable in upon the issuance of any new key. The agreement is not closed until the key is returned.

Sizes & Prices

There’s a choice of over 3,000 safes, from small boxes to 8ft-high vaults.

Size – H / W / D (cm)


10.8 / 12 / 44.5
10.8 / 17 / 44.5
16.1 / 17.1 / 44.5
21.5 / 25 / 44.5
33 / 25 / 44.5
49.5 / 49.5 / 47
61 / 44.5 / 44.5
78.7 / 94 / 101.6
126  / 76 / 61
175  / 76 / 61
181  / 93 / 53
254 / 137 / 185


Most importantly, a Yulumen Safe Deposit guarantees first class security and the

utmost confidentiality



how much does it cost?

A non-refundable administration fee is taken at the time of application, and if approved, this is deducted from the annual cost of your Safe Deposit box. All new Safe Deposit boxes are subject to a refundable key deposit, which will be refunded upon surrender of the box and return of the original key. The cost of the service will depend upon the size of Safe Deposit box you hold with us.

how do i apply?

All applications must be made in person at the Safe Deposit branch, located in your city. A paper application will need to be completed in person. When applying you will be required to provide a valid proof of ID, a valid proof of address no older than three months and a letter of recommendation from an existing member. Once the application has been completed, and ID and address verification has been provided, the application will then be submitted for approval. The approval process can take up to ten working days and is followed by followed by an interview with Yulumen Safe Deposit Personnel.

how do i obtain a letter of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation are a serious undertaking and a crucial components of our application process. The purpose of these letters of recommendation is to provide the Yulumen Safe Deposit personnel with the most accurate and complete information possible on the candidate and his or her family. Yulumen will use the information that a member provides, together with its own investigation of the candidate and a personal interview, to evaluate suitablility for a Yulumen Safe Deposit box.